Wednesday, December 13, 2006

New talent.

Holg here.

Every so often, we will get holo videos from people wanting to do a show here at Sky City. Some are good, some are bad, and some are just plain weird.

This one came in a few days ago, I think this fellow has some talent. But some of the others on the board are unsure. Let me know what you think.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Busy, Busy.

Holg Here. busy.

Just wanted to do a quick post.

Being a captain is hard work, especially with being a droid. Nobody want to listen to you.

So you know what I did. I set up a committee. I have hired several humans and non-humans to help out in the different departments. They are good people and listen to me. But they do all the talking to the people under them. The head people deal with all the stuff in their departments. But everything they do must be approved by the committee. But even then I still have final say in what happens aboard Sky City. So far this has worked out wonderfully, no problems. It also helps split up the work load.

I think Noel would be proud.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

The funeral

Holg here.

What an emotional day today. Well for everyone else that was. I still have my emotion chip shut off. But I'm starting to feel a bit guilty. Here I am, Noel's closest friend and I feel nothing. But the emotion chip has been turned off for so long that I'm thinking I'll lose it completely once I do turn it back on. And that may be frustrating on my part. Mainly because droids can't shed tears. And if I can't express the emotions I feel....... lets just put it this way, it is very frustrating. I hate being a droid some days. In better days when I had my chip on, I still couldn't express my feeling. I couldn't smile, frown, show surprise, fear, hate, disgust.... well you get the picture. I know none of you understands what it is like to have these feelings, but not be able to show them outwardly. It sucks. I think I'll leave the chip shut off for good.

And now I'm just rambling on about nothing......sorry.


Well the funeral went pretty good and it was a very beautiful day. You couldn't imangin how many humans, aliens, and droids showed up. I didn't realize Noel touched so many lives. What got to me was seeing Jomb. I never seen a man cry so hard in my whole life. Which only happenes to be two years, but still. I know he feels guility for leaving her, and I'm sure it is tearing him apart. I tried to talk to him, but he was way too emotional to say much. He kept on mummbling things like. He souldn't have left her, and that he truly loved her. He sat for the longest time next to her coffin and just cried. I would feel sorry for him, if I could feel.

It was draining to see the tears, hear the sobs, and know nothing can be done about it. I tried to comfort some, but they didn't like the idea of a heartless droid telling them that he understood.


Being a droid sucks.

Well I don't care, I need to feel. I'm going to go up to my room and turn it back on. So if you don't hear from me for a few days, you will know why.

Monday, October 16, 2006

A meeting

Holg here.

It has been a very interesting couple days.

I had a very interesting meeting with this lady that named Starlena, or better known as The Huntress. She is very secretive and wouldn't show her face. We respect races that like to hide their identity, so I didn't press that mater.

She had asked questions about Noel's murder, said she wanted to do her job and take down the man that killed her. So I gave her all the information I had on Kloddo, and other suspects.

I'm not going to go into much detail about the meeting. But she asked a lot of question and I answered them to my full knowledge.

After the meeting was over she had asked to see the body (or what was left of it). I took her to the holding bay where the casket was being held till it was ready to get shipped to Naboo. She wanted to open it, but I had refused. It wasn't until she told me it was a tradition to bless the remains of the fallen, that I let her. She also said it was important for her to connect with the spirit, so she could fully understand what she was looking for. I didn't understand, and I wasn't about to question the ways of her people. This wasn't the first time this happened either. We have had all sorts of different alien species show up and want to bless, or connect with the body. Normally we turn them down. But Starlena was willing to help us, and if she needed to do this to help, then so be it.

She wanted to be alone, so I left her. (I did have the room checked by security afterwards, so nothing was taken or added...... if you know what I mean). After nearly twenty minutes she came back out and thanked me. She then asked for a room, so I took her up to the hotel area. That was the end of that. She said she will begin the search was she is ready.

So far no one has seen her come out of her room. The hotel people say she orders room delivery for food, but requests them to knock and leave it outside the door.

I swear some of these nomad type species are really strange.

Other then that not much else has happened.

I did go to Naboo to see (for myself) if everything was ready for the funeral tomorrow, and it is.

Thank the Stars....


Well I have a long day ahead of me tomorrow and I need to get recharged.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

A mess.

Holg Here.

What a mess.

I'm sure you are all wondering about Noel's funeral. Well it so happens that it hasn't taken place.... yet. Lets just say times got messed up and switched around. And that the funeral will be this coming Monday. A few people were upset about it, but I offered a free week stay at the resort. They were still upset but took the offer.

Well I figured I'd say what had happen and be on my way. Anyway, I have this crazy robed lady asking about me, so I have to go figure out what she wants.

Friday, October 06, 2006


Holg here.

I swear I'm going to start pulling my wires out.

I have been so overwhelmed the past few days. It feels like I blew a few circuits already, and this has just started. Everyone keeps on asking me what will happen with the resort, I just shake my head and say that I don't really know. Which I don't. I wish I did, but I just don't know.


I have made most of the funeral arrangements already. I have ordered flowers and a beautiful casket. Now I know that it is tradition for a lot of cultures around here to burn the body after death. But in Neptonian society they bury the body. So to keep with her tradition that is what we will have down with her .... or what's left of her.

The funeral will be held Monday on Naboo. I picked a spot under a tree, overlooking the lake. She would have like the view.

I did get some help from the guy named Danny. He ordered really nice announcement and had them sent out for me. I'll have to thank him at a later date.

We have also been getting flowers and cards in from all over the galaxy and even some from other galaxies. It is quit amazing how many people can be touched by the death of a single person. And Noel seemed to have touched a lot of people.

She will be missed......


Saturday, September 30, 2006

Bad news.

Holg here.

I'm sorry to inform everyone that Noel is gone.

After I got word her ship exploded I set some men out to the wreckage site. What they found was, well, nothing. The ship was completely blown to pieces. They scanned for her body and all they found were a few pieces, one resembled her hand and another looked like a piece of her chest plate.

I have a feeling that she would still be alive if I didn't make that call to her. It is all my fault.........

I just want to state that my emotion chip is off. That's why I may seem a bit heartless. But I figure it would be better this way. Other wise I would be a complete wreak. I still feel a bit of guilt and sadness.

Well, I have to contact a few of her friends and tell them the bad news. I also need to set the funeral arrangements.

Also if anyone is intrested in hunting down this guy who killed Noel, please contact me or come to Sky City.