Friday, April 07, 2006

Resort Update.

Continued from HERE.

Well hello..... sorry I haven't posted in such a long time, I have been so busy helping organize the clean up.

With Noel AND Zebb both gone now, someone had to do it. Zin (Zebbs right hand man) in now the temporary captain. Zin asked me to help with the rebuild, (because I am Noel's right hand droid), and because I know what she like and dislikes....... I just hope she makes it back safe along with Zebb. I would normally be extremely worried but I had turned off my emotion chip. So no real worries here.

I figured I would update everyone with what's been going on the past few weeks.

First off, Sky City is now open for business. Everything that is, except the hotels. We have a special crew working on all the damaged areas. They should be done in a week or two....then we will be fully open. We even increased security greatly. So no more problems.

We did find the ones (or what's left of them) who did the inside job. I'm not allowed to give out names yet because it is still under investigation. What I can tell you is that a person/persons who works with the droid reprogramming crew, reprogrammed several droids to do what she/he wanted. These droids worked in various areas around the ship, but mainly security and cleaning droids. Sorry this is all I can tell you at this time.

As for the reason WHY they did this, is still unknown at this time. We believe they were hired by someone else. But the only people they ended up with, was Noel and Zebb...... why do they want them..... that's the mystery.

Also another mystery is with what happened to the crew that was kidnapped and supposedly escaped. From what we know (or from what Zin has told us). Just before the attack Noel had gone to the Main Control Room. She sensed something was not right, and spotted one of the bombs. She then got everyone out just seconds before it had gone off. Then she proceeded down the hall ways... picking up survivors on the way. She got to her ship and got off the resort. Zin said she was trying to contact Zebb but was unable to get through. There was so many ships and escape pods trying to leave, plus there was few hundred fighter firing on various ship. And most of them seemed to be attracted to her ship. Her ship took heavy damage, so she took advantage when a transport vessel asked her to come aboard and they would get them to safety. They landed in one of the docking bays....... and this is where their stories seem to split up. It seems like nobody has the same memories of what happened. A few have no memories at all after that. Whoever was on that transport vessel must have implanted false memories...... but WHY. And WHY let all of them go, but Noel.

It is still a mystery. But we got the best investigators working on the case. It's sad the Republic had refused to send out more clones to look for them. They say they need the clones for the war against the Seperatists, not to find some missing people. They also said we were lucky we got any clones in the first place. And after they came back the second time empty handed they we recalled back to their base.

Yeah the clones went out twice. The first time they were unprepared and the attack took them by surprise. So they came back to get reinforcements. They went out again to only find NOTHING. Nothing but large chunks of metal and debris. It seem either the ship was attacked and blew up, or they left in another ship and blew up the empty one themselves.

So many mysteries.... And it's not looking good for Noel and Zebb. The investigators had ran into so many dead ends they are about to give up unless another lead comes in. And if it happens that they have to give up..... all is lost for finding them.

Such a sad day...

I'm hoping some of her friends will help with the search. So if anyone is interested in setting up a search party for Noel and Zebb just contact Sky City. And we'll see what you can do to help... solve these mysteries and bring them back to us.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You just let me know when and I will send a whole bunch a bounty hunters, they dont listen to good but they are good at findin people

8:24 AM  
Blogger A Army Of (Cl)One said...

Let me know what we can do! we ahve some free time we could use on our own for this :)

7:04 PM  
Blogger Son Goku said...

Hmmm If I knew what Nooel or Zebb's ki was like I could Port to them.

1:31 AM  
Blogger Jango Fett said...

Yeah, Im here to help you Holg. If you need it, here is my comlink number: 1-800-Pick up Jango.

7:05 AM  

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