Sunday, May 21, 2006

Finally Some Good... No GREAT News.

Well we finally have some great news.

After weeks of putting up with Zin's crap. It is all over.

I have been working with several living beings with forming a strike. It's a close, secret group. We spread information around and share what we hear from outsiders.

Apparently this guy came into The Club a few nights ago. One of the waitress became real friendly with him. He was talking to her and noticed Zin who was also enjoying himself at the bar. He told her that Zin looked familiar, someone who was wanted by a Hutt. But this guy was drunk so she didn't think nothing of it. Well she came up to me the next day and told me what this guy said. I did some research and sure enough Zin was wanted but Jaba the Hutt.

So I had one of the living beings (just because nobody listens to a droid) call in and send Jaba a tip that his wanted person was here at Sky City.

Jaba sent some of his men to check it out, and today left with one very unhappy Zin. I had one of my people tell one of these guys that Zin MAY have some information about Noel's disappearance. And I know if Zin is hiding something, Jaba will be the guy to take it out of his. Especially anything that may have to do with Noel. He actually kind of likes Noel. I think it has something to do with the fact she was so nice to him in the Big Brother house.

His men told us they would get back to us if Zin produced any information on Noel.

So with Zin out of the picture, the search for Noel will continue.

Also with out a captain, Sky City has to shut down and go back to Coruscant. So Sky City will be closed until further notice. At least this will give us more time and man power for the search.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Bad News Gets Even Worse.

You think as bad as things are around here they couldn't get any worse. Well they have. And I'll tell you all about it.

First of all Zin has just ignored that anonymous comment. He says it was probably just some idiot playing a nasty joke. Well the rest of us don't think so.... it is the only bit of hope we have to get this place back in order.

Zin has totally turned this place from a great place to work to one that is well.... like hell. He has let go so many people, saying stuff like profits are down and he needs to get rid of the extra unneeded people. So now the rest of us has to work extra long hours. And I have heard the living beings have had a pay cut. Some of us have reason to believe he is stealing profits. He has just recently bought a very nice personal ship. And he is always wearing nice clothes, and buying a lot of other stuff.

Also us droids are feeling... well more like droids. Sure we still have our own rooms, but now we have to share rooms with several other droids. And now we don't get any time off. We get just enough time to re-charge then it is back to work.

There has been a few droids who have needed a memory wipe. Just so they can forget what their lives were like with Noel. And now the word going around is that every droid will need one. A mandatory thing.


At least I'm lucky enough not to have to go through that. My memories can't be wiped. Noel had made sure of that. But then again I sometimes wish I could forget what my life was like with her.

I hope she is still alive.... and she comes back.

I need to start something.

Maybe I can get some droids, who still have memories, to leave. I may even be able to get some living beings to join. Word HAS been going around about a strike. Maybe it is time to start one.

Hummmmm...... so how do I do that...... with out Zin knowing.

I almost think he had something to do with Noel's and Zebb's disappearance. But I'm not sure.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Bad news...

"We have decided to call off the search. It is time to move and get on with business..." This is what Zin the new captain of Sky City had just told us. I just don't understand why he wouldn't continue. True the investigators gave up weeks ago, but that don't mean we can't continue the search ourselves. Zebb and Noel are our friends we just can't give up on them.... this is a very sad day for us all. Some of us are thinking about setting up a search party ourselves. But we don't have the resources to do that. And it has been several weeks since they disappeared. And if they are still alive they could be anywhere. And I hate to say this but it maybe very unlikely they are still alive. If they were, you think we would have heard SOMETHING from either of them.

*sigh* Maybe Zin is right, maybe we should move on and get on with things.