Saturday, May 13, 2006

Bad News Gets Even Worse.

You think as bad as things are around here they couldn't get any worse. Well they have. And I'll tell you all about it.

First of all Zin has just ignored that anonymous comment. He says it was probably just some idiot playing a nasty joke. Well the rest of us don't think so.... it is the only bit of hope we have to get this place back in order.

Zin has totally turned this place from a great place to work to one that is well.... like hell. He has let go so many people, saying stuff like profits are down and he needs to get rid of the extra unneeded people. So now the rest of us has to work extra long hours. And I have heard the living beings have had a pay cut. Some of us have reason to believe he is stealing profits. He has just recently bought a very nice personal ship. And he is always wearing nice clothes, and buying a lot of other stuff.

Also us droids are feeling... well more like droids. Sure we still have our own rooms, but now we have to share rooms with several other droids. And now we don't get any time off. We get just enough time to re-charge then it is back to work.

There has been a few droids who have needed a memory wipe. Just so they can forget what their lives were like with Noel. And now the word going around is that every droid will need one. A mandatory thing.


At least I'm lucky enough not to have to go through that. My memories can't be wiped. Noel had made sure of that. But then again I sometimes wish I could forget what my life was like with her.

I hope she is still alive.... and she comes back.

I need to start something.

Maybe I can get some droids, who still have memories, to leave. I may even be able to get some living beings to join. Word HAS been going around about a strike. Maybe it is time to start one.

Hummmmm...... so how do I do that...... with out Zin knowing.

I almost think he had something to do with Noel's and Zebb's disappearance. But I'm not sure.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Keep that little everready battery of yours workin overtime buddy !

Ya just ma be onta somthing here !

5:45 PM  
Blogger Vegeta said...

Kakarot is right , The Captian does need to be punched

10:50 PM  

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