Saturday, June 17, 2006

Another Update.

Holg here.

Once again I have only a few minutes to post.

Well I had sent Vampi out to Endor to look for Jomb.

And now that Vampi is back, she had informed me that she had found Jomb and he said he knows Noel and Zebb are alive. It's sad he don't know anything else. It is even sadder that he seems not to care about her at all any more.

*Sits and thinks for awhile*

Ohhhhh weird, I guess my programming is evolving. I was lost in thought for awhile there. Noel would be happy to hear that.

Okay now back to the post. I had sent Son Goku out to see if the Hutts needed any help. But apparently they have everything under control.

So right now we play the waiting game. But I'm still sending the volunteers out on random tips.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006


Holg here.

And I'm busy, very, very busy. I have only a few minutes to update.

Where to start.... The first step was to put up missing persons posters all over the galaxy.

Then the tips came in. Sad thing is that most of them are dead ends. People will do anything for a stinking reward. And then they get all mad when we find out it is false. They think they can call in a tip and get paid.... that's not how it work. Only tips leading to their where abouts gets rewarded. AAARRRGGG people.

We have people, aliens, and droids out looking for Noel and Zebb.

Just recently we had these two guys show up out of nowhere. A guy with weird hair, Son Goku, (I think that's what his name was) said he seen a poster while visiting some vegetable guy, and he wanted to help. He may actually come in handy later since he can teleport. I decided to send him and his purple blob friend too Kashyyyk. A tip came in saying someone seen Noel and Zebb living with a clan of Wookies.

Also a well know hero is coming to help us out. She goes by the name of Vampirella. She has just left so it will take a little longer to show up.

We also have some Clones coming to help too.

One last thing before I go. Jaba contacted me and told me that Zin is starting to talk. He hasn't given any name yet, but once he does we will be the first to know.