Saturday, June 17, 2006

Another Update.

Holg here.

Once again I have only a few minutes to post.

Well I had sent Vampi out to Endor to look for Jomb.

And now that Vampi is back, she had informed me that she had found Jomb and he said he knows Noel and Zebb are alive. It's sad he don't know anything else. It is even sadder that he seems not to care about her at all any more.

*Sits and thinks for awhile*

Ohhhhh weird, I guess my programming is evolving. I was lost in thought for awhile there. Noel would be happy to hear that.

Okay now back to the post. I had sent Son Goku out to see if the Hutts needed any help. But apparently they have everything under control.

So right now we play the waiting game. But I'm still sending the volunteers out on random tips.


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