Saturday, July 22, 2006

So Close, Yet So Far.

Holg here.

It has been so frustrating here lately. The reason, well we tracked down Kloddo. He was hiding in the lower levels of Coruscant. We found a bar he likes to hang out in. We then sent some under cover men down to this bar to pick him up.

As the report states:

When our men got there they seen him, but he left through a back exit. They tried to follow him, but were stopped by some of Kloddo's men. They were dealt with quickly with a little blaster power. Our men then went out this back exit and found Kloddo entering a speeder. They continued a high speed chase around Coruscant. After 15 minutes they lost him , something about confusion and miscommunication. After a quick scan they found him getting on a Starship at a near by landing port.

Knowing they could no longer follow him, they called base and let us know what was going on. We had more men out in space as soon as could. They too tried to follow him, but his ship was just to fast. Plus it didn't help that he would make random stops, turn and then jump to super speed again. He also changed ship several times.

Now the trail has gone cold. We now have reason to believe that he is making his way to Cronose (the ship Noel and Zebb are on.) Which may not be good.

As far as Cronose goes, there is no ship registered in this galaxy under that name. It may not be the actually name of the ship, but a personal name the captain gave it.

We are running out of time.


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