Monday, October 16, 2006

A meeting

Holg here.

It has been a very interesting couple days.

I had a very interesting meeting with this lady that named Starlena, or better known as The Huntress. She is very secretive and wouldn't show her face. We respect races that like to hide their identity, so I didn't press that mater.

She had asked questions about Noel's murder, said she wanted to do her job and take down the man that killed her. So I gave her all the information I had on Kloddo, and other suspects.

I'm not going to go into much detail about the meeting. But she asked a lot of question and I answered them to my full knowledge.

After the meeting was over she had asked to see the body (or what was left of it). I took her to the holding bay where the casket was being held till it was ready to get shipped to Naboo. She wanted to open it, but I had refused. It wasn't until she told me it was a tradition to bless the remains of the fallen, that I let her. She also said it was important for her to connect with the spirit, so she could fully understand what she was looking for. I didn't understand, and I wasn't about to question the ways of her people. This wasn't the first time this happened either. We have had all sorts of different alien species show up and want to bless, or connect with the body. Normally we turn them down. But Starlena was willing to help us, and if she needed to do this to help, then so be it.

She wanted to be alone, so I left her. (I did have the room checked by security afterwards, so nothing was taken or added...... if you know what I mean). After nearly twenty minutes she came back out and thanked me. She then asked for a room, so I took her up to the hotel area. That was the end of that. She said she will begin the search was she is ready.

So far no one has seen her come out of her room. The hotel people say she orders room delivery for food, but requests them to knock and leave it outside the door.

I swear some of these nomad type species are really strange.

Other then that not much else has happened.

I did go to Naboo to see (for myself) if everything was ready for the funeral tomorrow, and it is.

Thank the Stars....


Well I have a long day ahead of me tomorrow and I need to get recharged.


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